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Why does Apple block ICCID quickly

I dont know the reason. But I think some person share them to public forum, social network,etc… The more devices try to active, the quicly ICCID blocked. Our site protected under CloudFlare and have specific BOT copycat refused.

How do we finding ICCIDs?

We use the latest bug to bypass the iOS activation screen. We run many threads with specific Python script to find ICCID still working. The speed of our mining tool you can see this Video.

API Document and Price

Download latest API example
Our script will show the list of latest working ICCID. Depending on your account limtation. It could be 5-10-50-100 or more.

System requirement
Your hosting must have PHP 7.x with curl supported. For more information, contact us to get fast support.

How to purchase API key?
Contact us to purchase it ( email: geticcid [ @ ] gmail dot com). Price $30 / month for only checker. And $30 for only ICCID list. Or $50 / month for both. Limitation applied to protect our server from temporarily down.

How ICCID Work?

How does ICCID mining work?
Watch the video below to know

Is ICCID method work in the future?
I dont know. To got the answer, please ask Tim Cook and his engineers.

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